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You can disable visible property for the first series and use tooltip's formatter function to find a matched point from the hidden series and show it's values.

    tooltip: {
        formatter: function(tooltip) {
            const originalFormat =, tooltip);
            const point = this.points[0].point;
            const originalPoint = tooltip.chart.series[0].points.find(
                p => p.x === point.x

            originalFormat[1] = `<span style="color:black">‚óŹ</span> <b> ${}</b><br/>Open: ${}<br/>High: ${originalPoint.high}<br/>Low: ${originalPoint.low}<br/>Close: ${originalPoint.close}<br/>`;
            return originalFormat;

    series: [{
        name: 'Values',
        type: 'ohlc',
        visible: false
    }, {
        name: 'Adj_Values',
        type: 'ohlc',
        visible: true
    }, ...]

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