your series is not showing because your data array is not in a usable format.


data: [{
                'value': 731,
                    'timestamp': 1366032438641

should be either this:

data: [{
  'x': 1366032438641,
  'y': 731

or, more simply, this:

data: [[1366032438641,731]]


you'll have to clarify what you mean about the other part of your question.


if you want actual millisecond precision, you will have to have enough width in your chart to specify a pixel per millisecond. this is not going to happen in any real chart obviously.

there's no way to draw a 2 pixel wide line in a ~600 pixel wide chart displaying 20+ hours and have it be precise to a millisecond.

that's about 72 million milliseconds in 600 pixels, which works out to 0.0000083 pixels per millisecond... (or 120,000 milliseconds per pixel)


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