A popup like that is not in the Highchart API for the legend. The closet thing is Legend.ItemOnHover

legend: {
            itemHoverStyle: {
                color: '#FF0000'

But that really only styles it.

The way you are currently doing it is probably fine if you are careful about it.


the only way i have found to do this popup is by adding this function in the end of the function building the chart :

    var titles = $("tspan");
$("tspan").each(function(index) {
    if( (this.textContent.indexOf("cashiers data") !== -1) ){
            alert('to use our new cashiers bars \n'
                 +'please contact us at our contact page');
            return false;


You can try to add tooltip to the legend item, like in the related topic Add tooltip to legend in highcharts when hovering

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