the only way i have found to do this popup is by adding this function in the end of the function building the chart :

    var titles = $("tspan");
$("tspan").each(function(index) {
    if( (this.textcontent.indexof("cashiers data") !== -1) ){
            alert('to use our new cashiers bars \n'
                 +'please contact us at our contact page');
            return false;


a popup like that is not in the highchart api for the legend. the closet thing is legend.itemonhover

legend: {
            itemhoverstyle: {
                color: '#ff0000'

but that really only styles it.

the way you are currently doing it is probably fine if you are careful about it.


you can try to add tooltip to the legend item, like in the related topic add tooltip to legend in highcharts when hovering

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