Accepted answer

refactoring your series data to an array of objects:

        name: 'south korea',
        id: 6,
        argumentfield: 'total6',
        valuefield: 'perc6',
        sizefield: 'older6',
        tagfield: 'tag6',
        visible: false,
        data: [
            {x:160, y:801, z:1955, year:2000},
            {x:433, y:1653, z:1910, year:2005},
            {x:614, y:1432, z:1918, year:2014},
            {x:724, y:372, z:1950, year:2004},
            {x:434, y:936, z:1920, year:2003}

will make life much easier...

then use a custom tooltip:

   tooltip: {
        formatter: function() {
            var t =;
            t += '<br/> (' + this.x + ',' + this.y + ')';
            t += '<br/> year: ' + this.point.year + ',';
            t += '<br/> size: ' + this.point.z;
            return t;

updated fiddle here (note, i only modified the data for south korea).


what you need to do is setup a custom tooltip using the formatter.

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