You can try FusionCharts for a drill down chart. Have a look to this and you can use this in your application : Fusion Charts Linked Charts. Regarding licensing issues,you may get in touch Sales Team.

Apart from that, you can use Raphael.js . Start from the basics say try creating a small rectangle, fill some color, opacity, binding some events,etc. With a day effort you can make a simple bar chart. Once you make a bar chart, attach an event to clear your container and redraw another bar chart with the drill down data. Thats the concept you need for your drill-down.

Having said that, I would still recommend you to use Fusion Charts because they takes care of some smart things - like space management of the bars, the intervals, the colour codes of the bars(if not hard-coded), axis part... Its a finished product which abstracts you from the technical obstructions and give your application a beautiful add-on.


I would recommend you to use the rest services and send the json to highcharts OR D3.js OR DDChart, its the best thing to do in your case below link can do what you want :

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