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i presume your json's output format is wrong. it likes to be [{"name":"hp","data":[[80,85,87.5]]},{"name":"dell","data":[[65,80,58.5]]},{"name":"sony","data":[[55,55,60]]}].

and your bubblechart.php you can fetch data like this

$rows = array();
$rows['name'] = $rowsbubble['product_name'];
$rows1 = array();
$rows1[0] = $rowsbubble['pro_rating'];
$rows1[1] = $rowsbubble['specs_rating'];
$rows1[2] = $rowsbubble['avrg_rating'];
$rows['data'][0] = $rows1;


try this format .check what your json returns. i think it will be work fine.


you need to parse your json to have the same data as in hardcoded version. the data require to be numbers, instead of strings.

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