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if you had read the documentation on highmaps or taken a look at their fiddle of that demo: you could have read / seen that highmaps uses jquery. in your fiddle, you're not loading jquery thus highmaps won't work and your call to $.getjson will also fail. this throws a lot of errors to your console window, check your devtools.

second the url you're requesting:

$.getjson('', function (data) {

does not allow to be loaded via xhr from another domain, which throws the following error to your console:

xmlhttprequest cannot load no 'access-control-allow-origin' header is present on the requested resource. origin '' is therefore not allowed access.

you'll need to save that file and run it from the same domain as where you are hosting your page/scripts. you can't run/test that in a jsfiddle.

i'de read up on debugging if i was you, so you can learn to spot these mistakes. don't know what browser you are using but this should get you started:



internet explorer:

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