[array[0]] is not an array, that looks like console output not javascript. but [[0]] or [0] technically would be. however, since a call to array (array(0)) generates an array then i think you want data: array(0).

outside shot at data : [array(0)] if you didn't show the example data correctly. i've never used highcharts so i don't know what it's expected but i still go with data : array(0)


you don't tell us what the variable array equals but since its generated from x.split(","), it's elements are going to be strings and not the numeric values highcharts needs.

so convert it with parseint or parsefloat:

var numericdata = [];
for (var i = 0; i < array.length; i++){
series: [{
   name: 'attempt 1',
   data : numericdata 

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