Accepted answer
  1. Open a web browser on the server.

  2. Point the web browser at a pre-made page that loads highcharts and renders your chart.

  3. Grab the output of the browser.

  4. Send that to a client.

Which of those steps seems confusing?

Note that this will be significantly slower than just using matplotlib, because you need to start up a full web browser just to render a graph. I had a quick look at the highcharts page you linked and I think you could probably reproduce that in matplotlib.


I had similar requirements and couldn't find an existing solution so I created a little proof-of-concept solution here.

This implementation works by having the python process create a node subprocess that uses the highchart-export-server node module which in turn spawns a PhantomJS instance to render the chart. A few russian dolls involved there, but it does the job.

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