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The answer to my problem was given on the highcharts forum. I thought I'd report back here what the solution was. I was errantly using y: 'p1' and y: 'p2' for values on the points. The y values actually are the indexes of the categories. Here is the updated code which works:

data: [
    name: 'Deliv1',
    x: Date.UTC(2011,0,1),
    y: 0
    name: 'Deliv2',
    x: Date.UTC(2012,0,1),
    y: 1


It's possible but you'll need to pretend the y values are numeric.

Probably by having an array with the actual Y-value and a number (maybe index) then the point's y value to the number and for the y-axis settings add the label's formatter to return the actual y-value based on the value.

You'll also need to adjust the min, max, interval and if you're using tooltips add a similar formatter to get the y-value.

(If I get more time, I'll try to create an example).

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