You can make a chart with custom names in highcharts like so: That is, changing your tooltip to the following:

'<b>{point.percentage:.1f}%</b><br>Custom point: <b>{point.customData}</b>'

Where each point has its own customData value.

I have not used highcharter, but looking at the API it might be possible to some work with this:

hc_add_series(favorite_bars, "pie", hcaes(name = bar, y = percent), name = "Bars") %>%

Potentially this could work:

hc_add_series(favorite_bars, "pie", hcaes(name = bar, y = percent, customData = variable_with_customdata), name = "My pie") %>%

Hopefully this will help you out.


To my knowledge, the solution proposed by @ewolden does not work in highcharter.
A simple and flexible solution for setting additional information to the tooltip of a highcharter pie is the following:

A <- c("a", "b", "c", "d")
B <- c(4, 6, 9, 2)
C <- c(23, 26, 13, 15)
df <- data.frame(A, B, C)

# A modified version of the "hc_add_series_labels_values" function
# The "text" input is now available
myhc_add_series_labels_values <- function (hc, labels, values, text, colors = NULL, ...) 
    assertthat::assert_that(is.highchart(hc), is.numeric(values), 
        length(labels) == length(values))
    df <- dplyr::data_frame(name = labels, y = values, text=text)
    if (!is.null(colors)) {
        assert_that(length(labels) == length(colors))
        df <- mutate(df, color = colors)
    ds <- list_parse(df)
    hc <- hc %>% hc_add_series(data = ds, ...)

# Set the "text" input in myhc_add_series_labels_values
# point.text is now available inside pointFormat of hc_tooltip
highchart() %>% 
  hc_chart(type = "pie", data=df) %>% 
  myhc_add_series_labels_values(labels=A, values=B, text=C) %>% 
  hc_tooltip(crosshairs=TRUE, borderWidth=5, sort=TRUE, shared=TRUE, table=TRUE,
     pointFormat=paste('<br><b>A: {point.percentage:.1f}%</b><br>C: {point.text}')) %>%
  hc_title(text="ABC", margin=20, style=list(color="#144746", useHTML=TRUE)) 

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With this solution we can print the content of two or more variables inside the tooltip.
Below we add a variable D to the df dataset and visualize it in the tooltip:

D <- c("Mars", "Jupiter", "Venus", "Saturn")
df <- data.frame(A, B, C, D)
txt <- paste("C:",C," <br>D:", D)

highchart() %>% 
  hc_chart(type="pie", data=df) %>% 
  myhc_add_series_labels_values(labels=A, values=B, text=txt) %>% 
  hc_tooltip(crosshairs=TRUE, borderWidth=5, sort=TRUE, shared=TRUE, table=TRUE,
          pointFormat=paste('<br><b>A: {point.percentage:.1f}%</b><br>{point.text}')) %>%
  hc_title(text = "ABC", margin = 20, style = list(color = "#144746", useHTML = TRUE)) 

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