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Is this a known limitation of PhantomJS?

Yes, it is an expected limitation, because PhantomJS uses the same WebKit engine for everything and since JavaScript is single-threaded, this effectively means that every request will be handled one after the other (possibly interlocked), but never at the same time. The average overall time will increase linearly with each client.

The documentation says:

There is currently a limit of 10 concurrent requests; any other requests will be queued up.

There is a difference between the notions of concurrent and parallel requests. Concurrent simply means that the tasks finish non-deterministically. It doesn't mean that the instructions that the tasks are made of are executed in parallel on different (virtual) cores.

Is there a way around it?

Other than running your server tasks through child_process, no. The way JavaScript supports multi-threading is by using Web Workers, but a worker is sandboxed and has no access to require and therefore cannot create pages to do stuff.

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