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Here is an update to your jsfiddle.

The changes I had to make were:

  • The "click" handler has this bound to a data point as a structure maintained by that library. In order to get the URL, you have to look at the "config" property of the data point and then grab element 2 of that array.
  • I had to stash the this in the event handler so that the timeout handler could get it.
  • I added a "preventDefault()" call to the event handler, but that might not be necessary.


The solution posted here no longer works as of version 3 of Highcharts

This works better

series: [{
    type: 'pie',
    name: 'overall',
    point: {
        events: {
            click: function(e) {
                location.href = e.point.url;
    data: [
        {name: 'Not Tested', color: '#FFA850', y: 87, url: ''},
        {name: 'Fail', color: '#FF2929', y: 2, url: ''},
        {name: 'Pass', color: '#31FF4F', y: 32, url: ''}

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