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IF you are using it non-commercially, THEN you are allowed to use it according to the CC BY-NC.

As far as I can tell you should be allowed (since it doesn't have the share-alike clause) to redistribute under any license you please; if this is morally justified is another question.

Note that the Creative Commons licenses are not aimed for software, so the waters with regards to linking, combining with other licenses etc. are a bit murky.

It might be best to ask the people from Highchart your question (or even send them a link to this Stack Overflow question).


At the moment Highcharts offer an OEM License which "allows you to distribute Highcharts in your software or hardware product", maybe the've added this after (and because?) this question arose. The OEM license agreement will give you information on how to use it.

Anyway, I don't think any other license of the product will allow you to do this.


You can use it with some open source projects, however you can not use it with Free Software.

Unfortunately it is a copyright violation to use Highcharts with GPL code as the commercial restriction violates the GPL.

This is a problem unfortunately, as even the Highcharts website potentially violates the GPL by including Highcharts with the Joomla code, although there is an argument that as long as Highchart does not distribute the code from its website it might be in the clear.

Theres no concievable way to use Highcharts with an AGPL website.

The problems with combining "not for commercial" and GPL code are explained here.

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