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if you don't want to use jquery you can use it as follows

{ = "pointer";
    label.onclick = function(){
      alert('you clicked on '+this.textcontent);

complete code at


i get error: object doesn't support property or method 'foreach' when running the solution from malay sarkar in internet explorer. here's a workaround i used which works in both chrome and ie.

for (let i = 0; chart.xaxis[0].labelgroup.element.childnodes.length; i++)
    chart.xaxis[0].labelgroup.element.childnodes[i].onclick = function(){
      alert('you clicked on '+this.textcontent);


alternate solution, maintained since highcharts v3 is to use custom events plugin. plugin adds a lot of new event, natively not supported by highcharts.


events are added the same way as official events in highcharts, and we don't need to re-inspect every release the dom:

xaxis: {
  labels: {
    events: {
      click: function () { ... }

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