It looks like highcharts is actually setting all of the properties of the xAxis object to null for the duration of the callback. You shouldn't need to do this though you can probably just comment out the line giving the error and be fine


I know this is it bit late, just wanted to add my answer to future visitors.

Highchart doesn't allow to call setExtremes from inside the setExtremes eventhandler in order to avoid an endless loop. That's why you get the error.

You can, however, insert a timeout in order to work around this protection:

 xAxis: {
     events: {
         setExtremes: function (e) {
             if (e.trigger === "navigator") {
                 var c = this;
                 setTimeout(function() {
                     forceRebuildSeries(); //Get all data points

                     // Set Extremes (redisplay with new data points)
                     c.chart.xAxis[0].setExtremes(e.min, e.max);  

                 }, 1);

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