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You will have to do a bit of work to get this into highcharts.

Firstly, find a javascript library which converts dates to persian date. This one looks promising:

Secondly, you need to customise the highcharts date formatting. Highcharts provides an API to do this:

You need to use the dateFormats hook to add a %P option to the date format string which prints in persian format using the javascript library you choose. Once you have defined a %P format, you can customise the date formats to be used on the x-axis:

second: '%H:%M:%S',
minute: '%H:%M',
hour: '%H:%M',
day: '%P',
week: '%P',
month: '%P',
year: '%P'

Note, you can define several dateFormat parameters, not just %P, to handle days, months etc.

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