At this time there is not a way to do this. See the HighCharts User Voice here.


I have used a mathematic calculation in the past to solve this kinds of problems. Here is a couple of different examples:

VALUES: 220, 110, 55, 5

VALUES: 1100, 220, 110, 55, 5

What I do in the above examples to get low value series to show more is use the square root of all values. The data is sent as the square root rounded to the third decimal. Then I use the formatter on the yAxis label and tooltip to display the proper values.

Also, in the above examples, I am using whole numbers. When formatting the yAxis label and tooltip I am adding 1 and forcing them to an integer to get them back to the original needed number. This works great for whole numbers. If your data is not a whole number, then you would have to pass the entire result from the square root. Then of course not force it to an int.

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