it sounds like you're open to alternative libraries, so have you looked at rickshaw or cubism?

both are based on d3, so you have a good mix between the power of directly editing d3 and the convenience of having some stuff pre-assembled.

cubism in particular is focused on scaling to many datapoints.


in my experience, the google charting library performs better than highcharts, however without more markup provided or a copy of your config/data it would be hard to isolate specific issues which could contribute to slow performance.

recommendation: nvd3 line chart with view finder

if its a stock chart you're after (or any chart really), probably the most powerful charting library out there is d3.

there is a (companion) library which leverages d3 called nvd3 which provides sets of reusable graphs, you may want to look at their line chart with view finder. it wont exactly mimic what you currently have in place but in my experience not only is performance better but if you know a bit of js/d3, it is infinitely easier to customize under the hood and not just cosmetically- plus there are a lot more people out there with experience adn willing to help!

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