It depends on whether what you want is actually improved antialiasing, or if what you really want is a smoother curve interpolated through the data points.

If you want better antialiasing, you'd have to look at the SVG options - though I don't see much room for improvement in this case, honestly.

If you want a smooth curve then what you want is the spline chart type:

Just keep in mind that a spline distorts the data by using a particular formula to smooth a curve between points, which can increase the severity of the difference between high and low points - it shouldn't be used simply for aesthetics.


I've solved adding the line

Highcharts.seriesTypes.line.prototype.getPointSpline = Highcharts.seriesTypes.spline.prototype.getPointSpline;

before creating the chart (adapted from this thread).

Demo on JSFiddle. Screenshot below.

enter image description here

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