there are some hints on optimising performance on the highcharts website here:$optimize-performance

however, with that many points, i would consider using highstock. there is no way to make out the detail of that many points, so aggregating them in some way would make a better chart (


perhaps too late to be useful (and the example link no longer works, so i'm not sure if this applies), but there's a newish highcharts plugin to downsample time series data with the intent to retain the shape of the original data.


as far as tooltips, check out the highcharts data api, specifically number 2 in the list. if that doesn't cut it for you, you can pass in an array of objects where you specify the data you want to get. then, in the formatter, it is easy to reference. here's a jsfiddle showing how to reference the names once they're in your data array.

the formatter is

formatter: function () {
    var s = "";
    $.each(this.points, function (i, point) {
        s += point.point.namelist[0];
    return s;

and the data sets look like:

data = [ ..., 
         {x: xval, y: yval, namelist: mylistofnames},

where xval and yval are the x and y values of the data points and mylistofnames is an array of strings.

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