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Highcharts Error #14 clearly says

String value sent to, expected Number his happens if you pass in a string as a data point

data point is the yValue, if your is of the form





{ x : x1 ,y : y1 },
{ x : x2 ,y : y2 },
{ x : x3 ,y : y3 }

In any of the above forms the type of data stored in y1,y2 & y3 should be numeric. You can achieve this my simply using the parseFloat() or parseInt() in javascript

var serie1 = function(e) {
            return [e.gateway, parseFloat(e.val)];

or do it in the server technology that you are using
In (PHP 4 >= 4.2.0, PHP 5) floatval() can be used

$float_value_of_var = floatval("123.456");

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