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I played with the first A data section, and changed it to this:

            data: [{
                y: 33.06,
                name: 'A',
                drilldown: {
                    name: 'Budweiser',
                    data: [
                        {name:'A', y:10838}
                        , {name:'B', y:11349}
                        , {name:'C', y:11894}
                        , {name:'D', y:11846}
                        , {name:'E', y:11878}
                        , {name:'F', y:11662}
                        , {name:'G', y:11652}
                    color: colors[0]

This is working perfectly for me. I pulled the categories and data nodes into a single array of name/data object nodes in the data array. Check the updated jsfiddle to see how the changes worked.

  1. Click A-1
  2. Click A


Check out this fiddle or use the following code in the drilldown part:

data: [

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