Found the problem, below is the fix.

We have to enable the "Disable layer squashing " option on chrome from here chrome://flags/#disable_layer_squashing

P.S Thanks to @SebastianBochan and @HristoValkanov for guiding me to the solution.


This was a bug in Webkit. Here is the official, Chromium bug report :

Bugs.Webkit : hover over table rows causes the whole table to repaint

This was fixed per the 2014-11-14 08:53:09 PST update of Webkit, as noted in the ticket above. This is only two months after the post by the OP.

If you are still having problems, for instance with drag and drop (like I am), then look at this bug report, still active and unresolved :

Bugs.Chromium : Drag and drop performance issue when using "position:relative" style with many cells

It has been active since: Mar 31 2014

What is the expected result?

  • When the dragged object is over a cell, the cell should have a red background.

What happens instead?

  • Drag and drop is very slow.

  • Cells are sometimes displayed in red, but after a few seconds.

  • Cursor pointer is not available during half a second after the drag end.

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