Try debugging in the QtWeb browser.

Instructions on debugging javascript in Qt here

You may find that your javascript contains unsupported syntax or keywords, which results in the issue as described.

The Qt WebKit rendering engine that wkhtmltopdf was using doesn't support ES2015, so you might have a simple solution like me, which was to replace keywords like let and const.


Try setting this:

series: { 'enableMouseTracking: false, shadow: false, animation: false' : nil}

This solution worked for me. I have a pdf view and a html view and implemented solution has:

<more highchart options>
plotOptions: {
                  line: {
                    marker: {
                      enabled: false
                    dashStyle: 'ShortDash'
                  series: { #{request.format == 'pdf' ? 'enableMouseTracking: false, shadow: false, animation: false' : nil} }
<more highchart options>


I fixed it by setting this options:

    animation: false
    enableMouseTracking: false
    shadow: false

Also, don't forget to include JQuery and inline your styles and scripts

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