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i have found a solution for your problem! sebastian bochan gave me some ideas. you need to separate xaxis and set a different type to each one. so, here you have to add your categories as highcharts's way.

xaxis: [{
         id: 0,
         type: 'datetime'
         id: 1,
         type: 'categories',
         categories: data.categories

then you have to add this code in your serie to link it with your new axis.

drilldown: {
      series: [{
        name: "test",
        id: "test",
        xaxis: 1, // <--- your desired x axis id
        data: [
          [your data]

probably you'll see a small difference on bottom chart, but all works for me.

i hope this help to you ;)


you need to add this to your xaxis:

labels: {
        formatter: function() {
              return highcharts.dateformat('%a %d %b', this.value);

check out the fiddle.

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