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Running your jsfiddle example with opened console log shows:

Highcharts error #12:

Content of that link:

Highcharts Error #12

Highcharts expects point configuration to be numbers or arrays in turbo mode

This error occurs if the option contains object configurations and the number of points exceeds the turboThreshold. It can be fixed by either setting the turboThreshold option to a higher value, or changing your point configurations to numbers or arrays. See turboThreshold.

Highcharts docs about turboThreshold:

turboThreshold: Number

When a series contains a data array that is longer than this, only one dimensional arrays of numbers, or two dimensional arrays with x and y values are allowed. Also, only the first point is tested, and the rest are assumed to be the same format. This saves expensive data checking and indexing in long series. Set it to 0 disable. Defaults to 1000.

So, users Mark and strikers are right.


Set the turboThreshold: 0 in plotOptions > series option. Like this :-

 plotOptions: {
 series: {
        turboThreshold: 0} }

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