HighCharts have trend line feature. check

check this JSFiddle also

 series: [{
  regression: true,
  regressionSettings: {
    name : 'Type any name of the series..',
    type: 'polynomial',
    color: 'rgba(223, 183, 83, .9)',
    dashStyle: 'solid'
  name: 'Test input',
  color: 'rgba(223, 83, 83, .5)',
  data: [
    [1, 1],
    [2, 3],
    [3, 9],



Highcharts does not support this out of the box, but there are some plugins in their gallery that do trend lines.

This one for example (which we have used with success), gives multiple options including linear trend and moving averages:

UPDATE May 2018:

Highcharts now includes this functionality as part of its core offering.


As far as I am aware, highcharts does not calculate a regression or trend lines. There are some plugins that you may be able to use. Here is one that i've found, i'm sure there are others:

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