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you can disable tooltip for specific points using tooltip.formatter. you will need to add some identifying attribute to the points that are not going to have a tooltip, and then check for that in your tooltip.formatter function.

for example, you could set your data like this (see first point):

data: [{x:1, y:6, z:5, notooltip: true}, [8, 7, 9], [1, 3, 4], [4, 6, 8], [5, 7, 7]]

then in your tooltip.formatter you can evaluate like this:

tooltip: {
    formatter: function() {
        // if the point is going to have a tooltip
        if(!this.point.notooltip) {
            // mimic default tooltip contents
            return '‚óŹ '
                   '<br/>x: <b>'+this.point.x+
                   '</b><br/>y: <b>'+this.point.y+
                   '</b><br/>z: <b>'+this.point.z+
        // if tooltip is disabled
        return false;

see this jsfiddle demonstration (point that is disabled is at coordinates [1,1,0] in bottom left).

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