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Are you using HighStock graph?

If yes...

Sure, it takes a lot of data to get grouping. If datagrouping option is enabled, Highstock handle automatically the switch between every grouping mode. So if you don't have a lot of data, it will not work with default settings

So, if you want to group by default, you need to force the grouping.

        dataGrouping: {
            approximation: "sum",
            enabled: true,
            forced: true,
            units: [['month',[1]]]



Here is a working example demo (fork of a basic highstock demo)

Hope it helps! Regards


We tried a Hack around this, where we used Highstock's (Splinechart) RangeSelector, Event and DataGrouping. On click of weekly rangeselectorButton we catch this event through setExtremes. Post catching the event approximate it to "sum". If you are using two series than iterate the object. Currently doing it weekly just extend it for Monthly using corresponding UNIT

  events: {
         setExtremes: function (e) {
             if (e.rangeSelectorButton != undefined) {
                 var triger = e.rangeSelectorButton;
                 if (triger.type == 'week') {
                     $.each(this.series, function (index, obj) {
                         obj.options.dataGrouping.units[0] = ['week', [1]];
                 } else if (triger.type == 'day') {
                     $.each(this.series, function (index, obj) {
                         obj.options.dataGrouping.units[0] = ['day', [1]];

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