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I can't stand these kind of things... It had been bugging me for weeks and today I decided to post to stackoverflow. To further help my case I was reading through the API description of Highcharts when I noticed an option to have multiple x axis. Since my problem seemed to be related to scaling on the x axis I decided to give it a go...

I created a new x axis for the line data and it works like a charm. Of course we do not want to see multiple x axis, so a little fiddling with the settings hides it again.

My x axis definiation now looks like this:

xAxis: [{
   type: 'datetime',
   type: 'datetime',
   lineWidth: 0,
   minorGridLineWidth: 0,
   lineColor: 'transparent',
   opposite: true,
   labels: {
       enabled: false
   minorTickLength: 0,
   tickLength: 0

On the data series that has 'too much' points I simply added 'xAxis: 1'.

Fiddle here :

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