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your choice of technology should mostly depend on the cpu vs i/o ratio that is formed when you create your charts:

  • charts generated from little data, such as pie-charts, are a good candidate for client side rendering; just send half a dozen data points and let the client render the chart, instead of rendering and sending a 30kb image on the server.

  • charts generated from a large amount of data points should be rendered on the server; sending two million data points to the client for rendering is going to be both slow and expensive - bandwidth is not free.

in general you should optimize for less bandwidth usage, both to lower the operational cost and to make your service more responsive.


highcharts is a very popular javascript charting library the charts are rendered in the browser client side but the data you'd be processing should be coming from your server. their demo includes an ajax loaded data chart

zendesk is using highcharts. the performance will come from a combination of how much data you are sending to the charts, how you process it and what your server environment is setup like.

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