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Highcharts expects a certain structure for the values/names in a point.

See in the API where you can find the following structure:

data: [{
    x: 1,
    y: 10,
    name: "Point2",
    color: "#00FF00"
}, {
   x: 1,
   y: 6,
   name: "Point1",
   color: "#FF00FF"

So if you change your point buildup to:

var myItem = {
    y: result[i].NumberOfKittens,
    x: result[i].TimeOfBirth,
    name: result[i].MummyKittenName


It should work.

Then you will need to format the tooltip to your liking, see Highcharts API on tooltips. Where this is the key takeaway:

this.point (not shared) / this.points[i].point (shared)

The point object. The point name, if defined, is available through

The above is valid for a line graph and most other graphs, however, some graphs take different options for the points.

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