I examined this subject and it seems that it's rather tricky thing to do in Highcharts.

The library uses SVGRenderer.label ( function for creating the data labels.

Chevron (small arrow) appears in callout shape label only when xAnchor and yAnchor are definded and necessary conditions from the Highcharts.Renderer.prototype.symbols.callout function are satisfied ( When data labels are generated for pie series these values are not defined - chevron doesn't appear.

You have overwritten this function and hardcoded the label path - that's not the solution when you want it to be responsive.

Here's a workaround that I found:

I set dataLabels.format to empty string - the label are generated, but they're not visible, because they have no content. I use their position in to generate new labels:

  render: function() {
    var chart = this,
      series = chart.series[0],
      renderer = chart.renderer;

    series.points.forEach(function(p) {
      var dl = p.dataLabel,
        x = dl.x + chart.plotLeft,
        y = dl.y + chart.plotTop,
        chartCenterX = chart.chartWidth / 2,
        chartCenterY = chart.chartHeight / 2,

      // destroy the old label
      if (dl.customLabel) {

      // definitions for all the directions
      if (x < chartCenterX && y < chartCenterY) { // right bottom corner chevron
        anchorX = x + 30;
        anchorY = y + 50;
      } // more should be added here

      // create custom label
      dl.customLabel = renderer.label(, x, y, 'callout', anchorX, anchorY).attr({
        fill: 'blue'
        color: 'white'


Live demo:

The biggest challenge here is to find a proper coordinates for anchors. I only did that for the label(s) in the top-left part of the plot area (it's just for example purposes - better formulas need to be found). I used the dimensions of the chart to compute these values.

It's not very elegant solution, but if you find proper formulas and do some coding it'll work.

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