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i think your problem is that if you want to set 2 plotlines you have to pass them thrue an array, like the following code:

    value: date.utc(2010, 0, 3),
    color: 'green',
    dashstyle: 'shortdash',
    width: 2,
}, {
   value: date.utc(2010, 0, 6),
   color: 'green',
   dashstyle: 'shortdash',
   width: 2,

how to add more than 1 plot line: link1
how to edit plotlines' zindex: link2


use zindex to plotlines or plotbands posicition...

            plotlines: [{
                width: 3,
                color: "#808080"
                value: "200",
                width: 4,
                color: "#ff0000",
        zindex: 4}],

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