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looking at the format for the pie chart data is two parts, the label and the data item.

in yours it looks like the series data is just a single array of integers.

so i think you'll need to change your series object to accept a different format of data.

sadly the examples in the documentation are a little lacking and don't seem to have examples of this so you might have to look at what the intellisense has to offer.

the bottom line though is that your pie wedges need to be named in the data series, not as categories or anything else.

edit for some sample code

i was looking at their site and they have a help forum there with the following sample code amongst it

       series.add(new serie
            data = new object[] { 
                new object[] { "firefox", 45 }, 
                new object[] { "ie", 24.8 }, 
                new object[] { "chrome", 12.8 },
                new object[] { "safari", 8.5 }, 
                new object[] { "opera", 5.2 }, 
                new object[] { "outros", 3.7 } 


i can't test this but from the context of the post it looks like it should do the job.

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