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According to the github thread this should be fixed in the newest master branch.


In general, if you have negative values in the data that you are displaying, use a bar chart instead of a pie chart. Pie charts are supposed to represent a part of a total, a part-to-whole relationship, thus negative numbers won't work because you can't have a negative part of a total.

In case that you actually want to just show that value, try wrapping it in an absolute value;

 plotOptions: {
     pie: {
        allowPointSelect: true,
        cursor: 'pointer',
        dataLabels: {
           enabled: true,
           formatter: function() {
               return this.point.positive ? this.y : this.y * (-1);// <-- or wrap in absolute Math.abs(this.y)
           color: 'black',
           style: {
              font: '13px Trebuchet MS, Verdana, sans-serif'


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