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Ricardo's answer is correct, however: sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where the container simply doesn't resize as desired as the browser window changes size, thus not allowing highcharts to resize itself.

This always works:

  1. Set up a timed and pipelined resize event listener. Example with 500ms on jsFiddle
  2. use chart.setSize(width, height, doAnimation = true); in your actual resize function to set the height and width dynamically
  3. Set reflow: false in the highcharts-options and of course set height and width explicitly on creation. As we'll be doing our own resize event handling there's no need Highcharts hooks in another one.


I had a similar problem with height except my chart was inside a bootstrap modal popup, which I'm already controlling the size of with css. However, for some reason when the window was resized horizontally the height of the chart container would expand indefinitely. If you were to drag the window back and forth it would expand vertically indefinitely. I also don't like hard-coded height/width solutions.

So, if you're doing this in a modal, combine this solution with a window resize event.

// from link
$('#ChartModal').on('', function() {
    $('.chart-container').css('visibility', 'hidden');

$('#ChartModal').on('', function() {
    $('.chart-container').css('visibility', 'initial');
    ratio = $('.chart-container').width() / $('.chart-container').height();

Where "ratio" becomes a height/width aspect ratio, that will you resize when the bootstrap modal resizes. This measurement is only taken when he modal is opened. I'm storing ratio as a global but that's probably not best practice.

$(window).on('resize', function() {
    //chart-container is only visible when the modal is visible.
    if ( $('.chart-container').is(':visible') ) {
            ($('.chart-container').width() / ratio),
            doAnimation = true );

So with this, you can drag your screen to the side (resizing it) and your chart will maintain its aspect ratio.


enter image description here

vs smaller

enter image description here

(still fiddling around with vw units, so everything in the back is too small to read lol!)


You must set the height of the container explicitly

#container {

See other Stackoverflow answer

Highcharts documentation


According to the API Reference:

By default the height is calculated from the offset height of the containing element. Defaults to null.

So, you can control it's height according to the parent div using redraw event, which is called when it changes it's size.


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