i have a suggestion, but i dont know if you like this. i needed charts with multiple axis and every axis has 1440 datapoints (they can only be 0 or 1 in my case) and they work fine. what i had to do for this is to change the x-axis datatype and generate the date 'manualy'.

create categories on the x-axis with the date:

xaxis: {
    categories: ['00:00', '00:01', '00:02', '00:03',  ..., '23:59']

then every datapoint is ordered the same as the category:

series: [{
    data: [1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, ..., null]

i know this is messy but when you do this you can reduce the data array to just the y-axis value and the rendering takes less time. see jsfiddle.


i have found that animation can impact chart load times for large data sets. try disabling animation:

plotoptions: {
    series: {
        states: {
            hover: {
                linewidthplus: 0


here you can find faq answering your question.

additional note: big performance boost you will get while disabling tooltip.

or just use highstock, which has implemented datagrouping, for example chart with 52k of points.

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