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you can change order by index parameter which can be set in serie.

series: [{
        data: [29.9, 71.5, 106.4, 129.2, 144.0, 176.0, 135.6, 148.5, 216.4, 194.1, 95.6, 54.4],
    }, {
        data: [144.0, 176.0, 135.6, 148.5, 216.4, 194.1, 95.6, 54.4, 29.9, 71.5, 106.4, 129.2],


what you are looking for is reversed in xaxis or yaxis. i tried reversedstacks but it didn't work and after looking at the documentation, i couldn't find it so assuming that it has been replaced with reversed.


another way of doing this is by adding .reverse() to the end of the series array, see example at .


you can use the serie's legendindex parameter :


since this was the top result in google, maybe this saves time for some:

the yaxis has a reversedstacks parameter (since version 3.0.10), which is true by default. to build stacks from bottom up, set this to false. legend and shared tooltip item order remain correct this way.

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