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Have you tried going through the Highcharts API?

You may want to look @ And/Or


You want to look at the redraw event as well. When you zoom, the chart is redrawn to reflect the changes.

events: {
    redraw: function(){


I found a way using redraw global event:

  redraw: function(event) {
    if (
      (event ? .target ? .axes[0] && event ? .target ? .axes[0].max !== event ? .target ? .axes[0].oldMax) || 
      (event ? .target ? .axes[1] && event ? .target ? .axes[1].max !== event ? .target ? .axes[1].oldMax)) {
        // Here you can be sure the this is closer to a zoom event... almost, because it also detect drag on the map :(

I just want to leave this here because I decide to use something else but my future self might need it :D

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