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You don't want to set align:left at the axis level, you need to use it on the plotband label level.

The code in that example is explicitly telling the chart to align the plot band labels to the right, and push them an extra 40 pixels right as well.

Change that to align:left, and x:0

(or, just don't set the align or x properties at all, and by default the labels will be on the left, as they've always been...)



Your original question referenced the plotband labels in highcharts...

But it seems your question is really about the y axis placement in Highstock.

To move it to the left, you need to add this:

yAxis: {

as Highstock sets the axis to opposite:true by default.



In order to put your yAxis label to the left side, just set yAxis' opposite property to false.

yAxis: {
  opposite: false

It seems not intuitive, though.

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