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Assuming that chart is your chart var.



@Anagio told that it's possible to get it the following way.

This way you can get the data values and the tick values.
The data values are the values from your series, while the tick values are the values from chart lines.



This information is directly accessible from a Axis object. For example:

var chart = $('#container').highcharts();
var axisMax = chart.yAxis[0].max; // Max of the axis
var dataMax = chart.yAxis[0].dataMax; // Max of the data

As mentioned you can use Axis.getExtremes (API) , but the same data is also available as:

  • Axis.min: Min of the axis
  • Axis.max: Max of the axis
  • Axis.dataMin: Min of the data
  • Axis.dataMax: Max of the data

And even some historic data if the extremes of the axis has changed:

  • Axis.oldMin: The previous min of the axis
  • Axis.oldMax: The previous max of the axis

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