also, make sure "highcharts-more.js" is declared in your html.

<script src=""></script>


i loaded script codes after document ready function, and it worked fine.



i also run into the same error code, but in my case the reason was my data was too large to supported


this is an old question, but none of the answers are really satisfactory in my opinion.

i would suggest checking to make sure the chart div exists before rendering the chart.

if($('#'+id).length){ $('#'+id).highcharts({});}


highcharts cannot find the div with a specified id. it usually occurs when the library is trying to render the chart, but the div is not yet created in the dom.

you've to debug your code and try to find the information whether that element is present on your site at the moment when highcharts need to use it.


categories needs to be a collection, it was like this:

categories: xaxis

change it to this:

categories: ['xaxis']

some of the data fields need to be enclosed in single quotes like this:

data: 'blue'

here is a fiddle without any errors for you:

good luck with the rest. :)

ps i sometimes find it easier to edit a working fiddle from the highcharts site and adapt it to what you need. like this one:


perhaps a bit late to the party, but the default name for the container in highcharts example was 'container'. the browser didn't seem to like that, name clash perhaps, changing to 'chart' did the trick.


for me error was resolved when i placed the calling script after the html element.


<div id="container"></div>

highcharts.chart('container', {
// some script here

also if you check on high chart site it says:

    this error occurs if the chart.renderto option is misconfigured so that
highcharts is unable to find the html element to render the chart in.


i had the same issue and fixed it using the correct container:

in my case i used the following:

// use meteor.defer() to create chart after dom is ready:
meteor.defer(function() {
  // create standard highcharts chart with options:
  highcharts.chart('charts', {
    chart: {
      renderto: 'container',
        type: 'column',
        options3d: {
            enabled: true,
            alpha: 15,
            beta: 15,
            depth: 50,
            viewdistance: 25

  createchart: function () {...}

and in the html file:

<div id='charts'>

i found the fix from highcharts:



i faced the same error and what i got to know is that error#13 occurs when highcharts.js tries to access an element which is not present in the dom.

how i fixed it? i made sure that the hightcharts method is called only after my targeted element is created in the dom. bingo!!!! everything worked fine.

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