Accepted answer

this is possible,

you can use


this is for formatting labels, you have to maintain a {realaxis:{label:labelvalue},realaxis:{label:labelvalue} ...} object for formatting labels

set the


for number of calls for label formatting function you have provided


if you want to show the ticks as needed, what you could do is implement a custom formatter. basically, you would only plot a point if the value was the same as in your data:

var data = []; //assuming this is your array of timestamps

var chart = new highcharts.chart({
    //other options
    xaxis: {
        labels: {
            formatter: function () {
                //some cleanup may be required, but this is the general form of the solution
                if (this.value in data) {
                    return this.value;


i think you can not do that. highcharts only draws the ticks at some regular interval. if they don't appear in regular interval then they are not ticks any more. you can try setting minortickinterval, but still it all depends on your data, where they appear on the timeline.

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