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you can use datagrouping and set enablemousetracking to false.

enablemousetracking: boolean

enable or disable the mouse tracking for a specific series. this includes point tooltips and click events on graphs and points. when using shared tooltips (default in stock charts), mouse tracking is not required. for large datasets it improves performance. defaults to true.


found the following on it's docs.

how can i get the best performance out of highcharts?

when working with series with a high number of data points, there are a few things to consider.

for line plots, it is recommended that you disable point markers, as these will add a performace overhead. see

disabling shadows increases performance, as three shadow elements are created for each shape that includes a shadow.

for large column series, it is recommended that you disable the initial animation, plotoptions.column.animation, at least for vml based browsers. the best way to distinguish between fast svg browsers and slower vml browsers is to use the highcharts.svg boolean property.


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