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In the latests versions (v4 at least) in Renderer API methods useHTML argument was added, for example renderer.text(str, x, y, useHTML) - which will render elements as HTML and position them correctly. Of course simple shapes (rect, path etc.) are always rendered in SVG/VML.

Extra note: For HTML elements, to see them on exported chart, don't forget to set exporting.allowHTML.

Old answer:

Renderer is to render elements on SVG/VML. If you want to add HTML tags, add them the same way as is done in Highcharts - position:absolute and set left/top values to put this inside container.


you can refer in this website .

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You will have to use Highcharts Renderer API.

You can refer this JSFIDDLE working demo

it works like:

var chart = new Highcharts.Chart({
}, function(chart) { // on complete

    chart.renderer.text('This text is <span style="color: red">styled</span> and <a href="">linked</a>', 150, 80)
            color: '#4572A7',
            fontSize: '16px'


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