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If you don't want to show the series names in the legend you can disable them by setting showInLegend:false.


series: [{
   showInLegend: false,             
   name: "<b><?php echo $title; ?></b>",
   data: [<?php echo $yaxis; ?>],

You get other options here.


Replace return 'Legend' by return ''


showInLegend is a series-specific option that can hide the series from the legend. If the requirement is to hide the legends completely then it is better to use enabled: false property as shown below:

legend: { enabled: false }

More information about legend is here


Looks like HighChart 2.2.0 has resolved this issue. I tried it here with the same code you have, and the first series is hidden now. Could you try it with HighChart 2.2.0?


Set showInLegend to false.

series: [{
            showInLegend: false,
            name: 'Series',
            data: value                

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