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Well, I added time info to the axis and tooltip see
It looks like your timestamps are from 10pm but the axis labels are showing 0am ... thats why the points look about one day shifted.


The global HighCharts option for UTC worked quite good. I cannot yet vote that one up :(

I also figured out that HighCharts moves my bar chart according to the exact time stamp as described by dgw. I.e. a date from the 1st of May can be shown in the near of 30th of April depending on the scaling. That confused me because there were two 30th of April entries and no 1st of May.


it's because of the timezone. You should convert you date in UTC format with Date.UTC(..). It will work


Just found your question... I think the solution to your problem is to set up the UTC timezone option to false. This will set up the chart timezone to be local and not UTC.

    global : {
        useUTC : false


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