Accepted answer

Please use color as hex i.e "#ff0000" instead of 'red'.


I can't say exactly what the reason is.

but, here is the solution for it

use type in chart level

type: 'area'

this will be applied to all the series

here is your updated fiddle

hope this will be of some use to you.


fillOpacity: 0.1,
color: "rgb(0,0,0)"

seems to work on all browsers

fillOpacity: 0.1,
color: "#000"

does not work on all browsers

color: "rgba(0,0,0,0.1)"

does not work on all browsers


I resolved it by removing fillOpacity, and instead specifying opacity as part of the color using rbga:

series: [{
    name: 'Buy / Sell ',
    data: data.shares_change,
    type: 'column',
    color: 'rgba(0,128,0,0.4)', // #080
    negativeColor: 'rgba(128,0,0,0.4)', // #800
    pointWidth: 8

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